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Mission Statement

H.O.M.E. is a nonprofit faith based organization established to meet the spiritual and physical needs of people all over the world. We believe through ministering the Good News of Jesus Christ and providing the necessary essentials of every day living to the less fortunate, we can provide hope in what appears to be a hopeless situation.

Working to make a difference

H.O.M.E.’s primary existence is to spread the love of Jesus Christ in the US and abroad by preaching the Gospel and providing the basic necessities of everyday.

Medical Supplies and Support

Doctors traveled with us to provide medical and dental care to the local villagers. My most memorable experience on this mission was baptizing 117 children and adults in the Nyanda River.

Food and Resources

We provide food and supplies for 1000's of Orphans through out the region.

Established to meet the spiritual and physical needs of people.





Help H.O.M.E. provide immediate resources to the families devastated by Hurricane Matthew.

Kenya Mission 2011

Minister Frenchie Hopkins has been actively engaged

in evangelizing in the US as well as leading missionaries abroad for over 15 years. From 2000-2006, he served as Director of Evangelism at Mt Zion Baptist Church, Nashville, TN, under the leadership of Bishop Joseph Walker.

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How Do We Move Forward?

Two Weeks After Matthew

10th Oct | 10:00 - 12:00

Join us in assisting our Haitian brother and sisters in their recovery efforts.

Hosanna Outreach Ministries of Emmanuel